What is the over/under bet -The most common types of handicaps

Sports betting has developed, and all types of bets have also flourished since then. Prominent among them is certainly the handicap category. So what is the over/under bet, and what types of over/under bets are there at today’s bookmakers? Please read along with us to the end of the article to get the final answer at New888.

What is the over/under bet that so many people love?

The over/under bet (also known as the handicap) is the most popular type of bet at almost every bookmaker on the market today. No matter where you bet, as long as it’s football betting, everyone knows about these handicaps.

What is the over/under bet?

Explain the concept of over – under bet in football

To put it simply, the concept of over/under is used to apply to two teams in a match. The higher rated team will be the upper bet, the weaker team will be the lower bet. The reason it is called a handicap is because the upper team will handicap the lower team by a number of goals (depending on the value in the handicap name).

Get a walletAn extremely easy-to-understand illustration to help readers visualize: we have team A, playing against the oddsi B. Team A is stronger than B, with a handicap of 1.5. Based on that, we know that this is a handicap bet (or over/under bet), in which team A will handicap team B by 1.5 goals. Then, we will have the following cases:

  • Team A wins against team B with a difference of more than 2 goals, so team A wins the handicap. The person who enters this bet wins the entire amount.
  • If the difference is 2 goals, it is considered that the handicap bettor only wins half the bet and receives half the money.
  • In case team A loses to team B, or wins with a difference of less than 2 goals, the bettor is considered to have lost the entire amount. At this point, you can apply the same calculation when placing bets for team B.

The irresistible appeal of the soccer handicap genre

Both easy to play and easy to win, it is not too difficult to understand that this type of over/under bets soon became popular with many bettors. Moreover, the odds of this betting method are also extremely high, easily bringing big wins to lucky people.

How to read the over/under odds – simple handicap odds at bookmakers

So through the general concept, we have somewhat understood what the upper and lower odds are. However,to serve Newbies getting acquainted with this genre for the first time, below are a fewNote to players when reading information about bets on the bookmaker’s betting board:

Reading the over/under odds at the bookmaker is extremely simple

  • Bet name marker:A match can have many different types of bets, so you need to pay attention to the bet name marker to choose the correct betting method you want.
  • Rate marker: Similar to some traditional bets, this type of over/under bet There are separate rates for each side (Over bet Win 1 rate, under win 1 rate, these 2 rates are completely different).Users can base on that to fine-tune to suit their wishes.
  • Marker for home team – away team:The odds above apply separately to each side, divided into home and away teams. You need to pay attention to which side is the guest and which side is the host, to avoid entering the wrong bet.

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These types of upper and lower odds are common at bookmakers

So we now have the concept of what the over and under odds are, along with how to read the odds on the bookmaker’s betting board. In the next section, let’s see which types of over/under bets are currently the most popular at bookmakers.

The over/under handicap is 0.5 goals

In the 0.5 goal handicap, the stronger team will handicap the weaker team by a specific number of goals, here it is 0.5 goals. Thereby, the following cases may occur:

  • Doorabove wins the entire bet if the stronger team wins with a difference of more than 1 goal.
  • Door Above will win half the bet if the difference is exactly 1.
  • The underdog will win if the two teams tie or the stronger team loses to the weaker team. This type of bet has no chance of a draw.

The over/under handicap handicaps 1 goal (1.0 goals)

Having mentioned what the over/under handicap is, we certainly cannot ignore the 1.0 handicap over/under category. The calculation of this type of bet is as follows:

  • If the stronger team wins with a difference of more than 1 goal, the side that bets on the stronger team wins all the money.
  • If the score difference is only 1 goal for the stronger team, both sides are considered a draw and the bet will be refunded.
  • In case the score is tied or the stronger team loses, the player who bets on the stronger team will lose the bet and lose all bets.

How to play over/under odds 1.0

Soccer over/under bet 1 3/4 goals (1.75 goals or 1.5 – 2 goals)

Quite similar to the over/under bet of 1 3/4 goals, players use the following formula to calculate the soccer bet of 1.75 goals:

  • In case the stronger team wins with a difference of more than 2 goals, the person betting on this side will win the entire bet.
  • In case you win with a difference of exactly 2 goals, you will receive half the profit compared to winning completely.
  • In the remaining cases (win with a difference of less than 2 goals, draw or lose), you lose all your money.

The over/under handicap handicaps 2 goals (2.0 goals handicap)

In this type of 2-out handicap, the stronger team’s handicap for the weaker team is equal to 2. The following cases may occur:

  • If the stronger team wins with a difference of more than 2 goals, the person who bets on the stronger team will win all bets.
  • If the difference in the match is 2 goals for the stronger team, then the bet is considered a draw. Both the upper and lower doors neither receive nor lose anything.
  • In the remaining cases, the underdog team wins, and the person who bets on the upper team loses all bets.


Hopefully through this article, readers will understand more about what the upper and lower odds are, as well as how to classify these odds. Wishing you all the most fulfilling moments on the ball, participating in placing bets, having lots of luck and soon bringing home big prizes.


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