NFL Betting Stats & Trends 2022

The new NFL season is upon us. That means that betting action on America’s premium football league is about to go through the roof. Thanks to the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, now, every year, the number of US states that allow their residents to take advantage of NFL betting websites grows, as does the US and global NFL bettor pool.

In February 2022, 108.41 million Americans watched the Baltimore Ravens claim the NFL Super Bowl, which amounts to roughly a third of the United States. While this rating was down 3 million from the year prior, Roger Goodell, NFL’s commissioner, has stated that the league’s growth worldwide is consistent, on track to hit annual revenues of $25 billion by 2027.

Betting interest is also surging with Americans. According to a data collection survey conducted in August 2022 by Morning Consult, 23 million US residents plan on betting online this season on the top 5 NFL sportsbooks (ranked by user reviews). 10.6 million stated they would do so in person. The internet figure represents an 18% increase from 2021. That is why those that fall into the significant portion of the US population keen on gambling on football should know where to bet on NFL games online and what trends to follow.

1. The Under Has a Better Success Rate

The over has notched a 48.85%-win rate over the past ten seasons, while the under has won 51.15% of the time. That may not seem like a dramatic difference to many bettors, but over ten years, that 2.30% difference stems from over five thousand NFL games. It is not something that should get thrown by the waste side as a statistical fallacy.

2. Last Year, Boards Posted Fewer Points

That is right. In 2021, the NFL marked the most sizeable single-season scoring drop in five decades. Last year, teams scored 3.6 fewer points per game, bringing the league’s average to 46. Going through the history books, the last time this substantial drop occurred in the NFL was in the 1976-77 season. Experts speculate that the fall in scoring did not only happen because teams chose not to run the ball more. The scarcity of high-level offensive lines also significantly contributed to lowering league scores.

3. Tom Brady Does Great as a Road Favorite

The best NFL betting sites Americans can sign up for provide various wagering options. That boosts the methods sports-savvy individuals can win more often from NFL betting. One pick is putting down money on single-player performances. Tom Brady is likely the greatest quarterback ever, and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers are virtually always a road favorite when he is in the starting lineup. He is 54.6% ATS and 73.3% SU as a starter when playing as a road favorite.

4. Kansas City Chiefs Do Well After Bye Weeks

Since 2018, the Chiefs have gone 7-0 when they get a bye week, which is a fantastic staff. Three other teams, the Bills, the Colts, and the Steelers, have put down four wins following their four bye weeks, so that is something to consider when choosing to bet on or against them in this scenario.

5. The Green Bay Packers Win the Most in the Regular Season

That is a statistical fact, as the team from Wisconsin has won 57.3% of their NFL games. That is enough to rank them at the top of the all-time winning percentage mountain. The Dallas Cowboys trail behind the Packers in this standing by 0.1%, and the Ravens are in third place, winning 56% of their games.

6. The New England Patriots Have the Most Post-Season Wins

The team most unfazed by the pressure of the knockout nature of NFL post-season games is the Patriots, who havewon 37 of these games, a league record. The Packers and Steelers are on New England’s toes with one fewer win. These three collectives are always at the top when the regular season ends.

7. Underdogs Win More Than They Lose

In the past four years, NFL underdogs have covered the spread in 53.6% of games in the regular part of the season, going by data available from Nevada’s sportsbooks. In 2017, favorites covered the spread in 54.4% of regular season games. Yet, that changed following the removal of the federal ban on sports betting in the US in 2018.

8. Yards are More Predictive of Future Points

Then the previous points, despite popular belief. Veteran bookies suggest looking at the yards per play, the points per play, or the total. Past points are not meaningless but are misleading when comparing teams.

This article was written in collaboration with NFL gambling experts.


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