Horizontal Murphy Queen Bed Queen Benefits

Did you know interior design can make a small space feel larger and even add function? Wall beds, especially the Horizontal Murphy bed queen, can be used for guests and for personal use.

The horizontal wall bed design folds into walls on the long edge. The horizontal design of the bed suits rooms with smaller depths. Although the bed can extend into the space with very little floor space, the wall space must be slightly wider.

Are you still trying to decide whether you want a wall bed that is horizontal or vertical? Scroll down to see the various factors you should consider when choosing between a Murphy bed that is horizontal or vertical.

When choosing A Horizontal Murphy Bed?

Perfect For Rooms with Low Ceilings

Vertical wall beds might not work in rooms with low ceilings. Many homeowners will choose horizontal queen size mattresses. These beds are ideal for areas such as basements and lofts that have low ceilings due to their small and narrow design.

Enhance Flexibility and Space Efficiency in Less Deep Rooms

People deal with narrow rooms which aren’t very large in both width and length. This can restrict their flexibility to use the space. The Murphy bed’s horizontal design makes it possible to use all of your space regardless of its shallow dimensions.

For extra storage, you can add shelving or cabinets to one or both sides of your bed. A traditional, vertical wall bed is too tall to support decorative items. It is much easier with a vertical Murphy bed to make use of the space above it to place shelves and other items that are used more often.

Take Up Your Floor Space

Use a custom wall bed to maximize the floor space your house, studio, apartment, or condo has. Murphy beds are queen-sized and can be used for many purposes. A queen Murphy bed mattress can be used in conjunction with the horizontal wall bed to provide optimal sleeping space.

Factors You Need to Take into Account Before You Purchase a Queen Mattress

Before making a purchase, be sure to consider these important factors.

  1. Individuals: If your plan is to sleep alone on the mattress, you might be able to get by with either a double XL or a full bed. You might want to consider a queen-sized mattress if your partner, children, or pets will be sleeping on the bed. 
  2. Your Sleep Style: Everyone is different in terms of how much space you need to rest. Queen beds are recommended for people with a height of six feet, two inches, or more. A king-size bed may be the best option if you plan to purchase this bed for at least two people.
  3. Room Dimensions: Queen-sized beds are best for bedrooms over 10 feet by 10 feet. A queen bed may not be the best choice for a smaller bedroom because it can take up additional space and make it difficult for you to move around your furniture. If the master bedroom is much larger than 10 by 10 feet, a king-sized bed could be the focal point of the room.
  4. Frame Width: To provide sufficient support, some queen bed frames may be three to five inches wider than the mattress. A variety of bed frames can take up space or add extra weight. Consider buying a slim-profile metal frame, rail frame, or low-profile wood slat frame for your queen bed. These will be closer to the actual mattress size.


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