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Some network managers and IT specialists utilize RAIDs to store large amounts of data and important files. RAIDs are susceptible to failure much like individual HDDs, SSDs, and other storage devices.Discover the benefits of automotive leasing with our comprehensive guide. Find the latest lease deals, expert advice, and comparisons of top leasing companies. Explore a smarter way to drive with hassle-free automotive leasing today

Therefore, RAID recovery software should be available to everyone who uses the RAID storage strategy. If you have a RAID recovery tool, you may quickly recover your files when your RAIDs fail by running the recovery application.

Why DiskInternals RAID Recovery?

Although there are several recovery software applications available, not all of them are fully functional and efficient in restoring lost files from different RAID configurations. The RAID Recovery tool is the best and most efficient recovery alternative. Moreover, it has decent features that make free RAID recovery much easier.

– Recovers Lost RAID Data

RAID Recovery can recover files from all recognized RAID arrays, regardless of what caused the data loss. This implies that recovery software may be able to restore lost RAID data under any of the following circumstances:

  • Power outage problem
  • RAID controller damage
  • Logical volume in format
  • Unable to access RAID volumes
  • Unidentified disks
  • RAID issues caused by software or hardware
  • Dead disk in the array

-Trusted By IT Experts

DiskInternals tool has been the go-to recovery solution for IT professionals for more than 18 years because it is so user-friendly and effectively restores lost data up to 99 percent of the time. This free raid data recovery solution is designed to run on any Windows OS system and is lightweight.

– Supports Various Handy Features

Data in many different file types may be recovered with recovery tool, which also allows you to view the majority of the files so you can decide which ones to recover. Multi-level folders and Unicode filenames are also supported.

– Intuitive Interface

The user interface of this software is simple, and it supports both manual and automatic recovery options. Recovery Wizard was designed for both experts and beginners. DiskInternals tool supports all of features and offers an interface that is very similar to Windows’ File Explorer.

– Export to Remote Storage

After utilizing this professional solution to recover your information, you may export the repaired file to distant locations or another local storage. Recovery application may also be used to rescue data from motherboards that enable RAID. To ensure optimum effectiveness in recovering lost data and files, the tool eliminates Windows constraints during recovery.

Supported RAIDs

RAID Recovery is compatible with the following hardware and software RAID types:

  • RAID (0, 1, 0+1, 1+0, 1E, 4, 5, 50, 5EE, 5R, 6, 60, JBOD)
  • NVidia, Intel, and VIA motherboards.
  • Apple
  • Linux

Recover RAID Data For Free

Is it possible to restore RAID files and data for free? Yes, you can. The RAID Recovery software is cost-free to install (by default).

The free version allows you to scan your troublesome RAIDs, and the results are displayed to you. You may also see a preview of the recovered files with RAID Recovery’s free version.

To actually restore the recovered files, you would need to subscribe to the DiskInternals RAID Recovery Premium Plan. Once you upgrade to a premium membership, you may restore all of your deleted files and data and have them preserved in another local or remote storage place.


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