Discover the Attraction of the Fish Shooting Game

Shooting fish god of fortune is an online fish shooting game that has just appeared recently, but the hotness of the game is undeniable. Currently, the game is storming the online game market in Vietnam. Follow along with the following article of the house 188BET to know more information about this cult playground!

1.What is the magic fish shooting?

This is an online fish shooting game that was just launched in early 2020, but the game has quickly dominated the betting market. According to the evaluation of today’s players, it is difficult to find a product with such a unique gameplay and beautiful shape.

It must be affirmed that the gameplay at this fish shooting game is extremely easy. However, just being a little negligent, you will very easily be empty-handed. This is also the reason why no player can take his eyes off the screen when he has participated in this game experience.

  1. Shooting modes at 188BET’s Shooting Fish God

Popular room: This shooting room is usually for new players, need time and environment to practice hunting skills. At the same time, it is also quite suitable for fishermen with little capital as well as little experience. The feature of this game room mode is that the number of players is large and the amount of money in and out is also very large.

Giants Room: This is a playground for experienced fishermen. Therefore, this is also known as the most fierce arena of all rich giants. The jars at this playground can be up to hundreds of millions, requiring players to have capital to keep up.

Mini games: The game room includes casino-style games, hunting jars or fainting. The advantage of the mini game room is that it is highly professional, and the bet results are also very fast, within a short time of 60 seconds. We can mention some hot names such as: competitive players, fainting talents, carp turning into dragons, god of fortune slot, crab election slot,…

3.Explore the outstanding advantages of the fish shooting game

Let’s take a look at the outstanding advantages that make up the brand of this game!

3.1 Eye-catching graphic effects

The game possesses very nice graphics and effects along with a vivid 3D fish shooting style that makes the ocean world more colorful. The playground gives players a sense of excitement and extremely new experiences. The variety of game room modes makes it possible to be flexible in choosing your playing field.

3.2 Countless promotions

Not only the game of shooting fish, all the games of the 188BET house are full of gifts. Every day there are many redemption events as well as attractive promotions to attract players. It can be said that the 188BET promotion is the biggest advantage for players to choose the playground as an entertainment address.

3.3Many outstanding features

The game supports downloading and experiencing the game at multi-device and cross-platform. Register 188BET successfully in just a few simple steps. You can also directly register with your personal Facebook account to save time.

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3.4 Fast access speed

Nowadays, players give priority to the transmission speed of games, especially betting games. Shooting the god fish possesses a very stable and smooth transmission system, players are free to experience without fear of lag. This helps you to be entertained and enjoy many wonderful moments at this playground.

3.5 Dedicated team of professionals

The playground also owns a team of experienced, professional professionals who are well-trained from professional to professional. Players can contact the staff in many ways to get their questions answered.


  1. Instructions for newbies to download and shoot the most detailed angel fish

Let’s refer to the sharing on how to download the god fish hunting game at the house 188BET in the next section:

4.1 Download fish shooting game on phones with ios operating system

Step 1: First, go to the App Store application available in your phone.

Step 2: Next, you click on the search engine and search for the keyword shooting fish god.

Step 3: Then you click the download icon arrow and enter the icloud password for the system to install the game.

Download game shooting fish god of wealth on phones with Android operating system

Step 1: Players access the Google Play application installed on the Android phone.

Step 2: Please continue to click search for the game name.

Step 3: Finally click on the “Install” box to download the game.


The above article is the information about the fish shooting game that has been synthesized by 188BET casino. Hopefully our above sharing will help you learn and experience this super hot fish shooting game. Wish you luck!


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