Difference between yellowfin and bluefin tuna meat 

Sometimes people get confused between yellowfin tuna meat and bluefin tuna meat because of their similarities. But both are different from each other based on some factors such as their appearance and meat type.

Besides having differences still people got confused and cant recognize between bluefin tuna meat and yellowfin tuna meat. If you are the one who also failed to spot the difference between both tuna types of meat then this article is specially designed for you.

Through this guide, you will be able to spot the difference between yellowfin tuna meat and bluefin tuna meat. So, without further ado, let’s figure out the difference between them.

you might know that tuna meats are the favorite among all kinds of seafood not just because of their creamy, tasty, and delicate taste but because of their high nutritional values. Similarly, both the yellowfin and bluefin had high nutritional values and similarities which seem hard to make a difference.

First, let’s mention the facts related to both tuna fishes

Yellowfin tuna

The yellowfin tuna is a promising member of the tuna family because of its high nutritional factors. It is mostly used in raw dishes instead of cooked dishes but in China, these cuisines are mostly used in both raw dishes and cooked dishes.

These fishes are mostly found in cold weather and due to easy availability, they are also less expensive. Mainly these can be found in both tropical and subtropical oceans. These are small in size and had yellow-colored skin.

Yellowfin tuna meat is eaten all around the world so they migrate world widely. The normal weight of yellowfin is around 180 kgs and they can easily swim up to 50 miles an hour. You can easily find yellowfin tuna in three oceans which are the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian. Its second name is Ahi and its scientific name is Thunnus Albacores. The Yellowfin tuna can be microscopic. Yellowfin survive by eating squid, and crustaceans, and releases millions of sperms. You can eat it raw or cook it.

Bluefin tuna 

The bluefin tuna has a silver, blue, or metallic grey body and it’s the largest tuna that can live for 40 years. The bluefin tuna can easily dive up to 3000 feet and they also have the sharpest vision which makes them great hunters. In bluefin tuna, you will get some variety which varies because of the oceans where they lived

the bluefin tuna can be found in the Pacific, Atlantic, and southern regions pacific tuna is called Orientalis, Atlantic Ocean tuna is called thynnus, and southern tuna is called maccoyii.

The main difference between yellowfin tuna meat and bluefin tuna meat

There are two basic differences between them first is their appearance and the second is their meat type. They are different in color, size, pictorial fins, and even lived in different weather. But people still got confused because of its meat when it cut up then these look similar even its taste seems similar but the meat type is different yellowfin tuna had lean meat whereas the bluefin tuna meat had a delicious fat in it.


The appearance and meat type are the basic difference between both tuna fishes. Rest all the facts related to yellowfin tuna meat and bluefin tuna meat are discussed above.


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