Bird Control: Top Commonly Asked Questions

1) What bird control methods are used in the UK?

In the UK, bird control measures can include bird netting, bird spikes, bird wire systems, bird deterrent devices and bird trapping

2) Can bird control harm birds or other animals?

When done properly by a professional bird control company like Urban Hawks, bird control measures do not harm birds or other animals

3) Is it legal to remove nesting birds from buildings?

It is not always legal to remove nesting birds from buildings as some species are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Consult with a bird control expert for proper procedures

4) How can I prevent birds from roosting on my property?

Bird control experts can assess your property and determine the best bird control measures to prevent bird roosting, such as bird netting or bird spikes

5) Can bird droppings damage buildings?

Bird droppings can contain harmful bacteria and acid that can damage buildings, causing costly repairs. Regular bird control maintenance is important to prevent this damage

6) How do I know if I need bird control services?

Signs that you may need bird control services include the presence of large amounts of bird droppings, noise from birds roosting or nesting on your property, and structural damage from bird nesting or roosting. Consult with a bird control expert for an assessment

7) What are the benefits of bird control?

Bird control can prevent damage to buildings, health hazards from bird droppings, and noise issues. It can also improve the appearance and cleanliness of your property

8) How do bird deterrent devices work?

Bird deterrent devices work by using sound, visual, or physical means to discourage birds from landing or roosting on a certain area

9) Can bird control solutions be used for pest birds like pigeons and seagulls?

Yes, bird control measures can be used to deter pest birds such as pigeons and seagulls

10) Is bird control a one-time service or does it require ongoing maintenance?

Ongoing maintenance is important for effective bird control, as bird control measures can deteriorate over time and bird populations can adapt to deterrents. A bird control expert can advise on a maintenance schedule for your property

Urban Hawks offers comprehensive bird control solutions for commercial and industrial properties. Contact us today for a free assessment of your bird control needs.


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