Best Social Media Widget Tools For WordPress Website

With over 4.55 billion active users all around the world, social media has managed to take a part in everybody’s life. With such a huge number of users, now marketers are taking a keen interest in using these platforms for promotion as they cater to a large number of people.

What can be more amazing than bringing these users to your website too? Seems impossible? Well, it is not!

You can do that by simply embedding the social media feeds on the website. However, this may seem like a technical task that might require a lot of coding and technical expertise.

But you can easily do that even if you’re a beginner with social media widget tools.

This blog will give you some of the best WordPress social media widget tools for your website.

To know more about it, keep reading.

6 Best WordPress Social Media Widget Tools For Your Website

1.   Taggbox Widget

This is a social media aggregator that collects UGC content from not just 1 or 2 but from 15+ social media platforms.

Using hashtags, profile mentions, account handles, channels, etc. you can easily showcase content from popular social media platforms on your website. The best thing is that it lets you collect UGC content that helps in building social proof, real-time content.

This helps in your band promotions and word-of-mouth marketing too. With such engaging content, your website’s dwell time increases thereby shooting up sales and conversions.

To provide premium quality content to the visitors, it offers a moderation panel wherein you can easily use a profanity filter. Using it you can remove irrelevant and inappropriate content to maintain the quality of your content.

Not only this. It offers many customization options too like themes, colors, fonts, background, layout designs and so much more.

With its built-in analytics, you can monitor your performance and get the overall analysis too. Great isn’t it?

Simply copy and paste the generated code and voila, you’re good to go.

2.   Tagembed

This tool is an all-in-one solution that helps in growing engagement, traffic, and revenue on your WordPress website.

With easy steps, you can easily collect, create and modify engaging social media content and boost up your website’s growth and performance.

It offers a variety of customization options to make your website eye-catching. The best part is that it is highly responsive resulting in seamless integration.

With its advanced content filtering option, you can easily moderate and monitor the content. From removing useless content to managing the content you want to display publicly, this tool facilitates in doing that easily.


Are you looking for a plugin that helps you in having amazing share buttons from many social media platforms? If yes, then this is a good option for you.

This hassle-free tool requires no coding! It is super easy to use and install.

It offers a well-structured support system. Its free version offers a variety of share buttons like:-

  • Reactions buttons
  • Horizontal and follow buttons
  • Native social sharing buttons

If you still want more features. It offers a premium period version too offering a variety of features.

4.   SmashBalloon

This tool helps you in creating a completely customizable social media feed on your website.

You can easily set up custom social feeds on your WordPress website. The best feature of all is that it automatically adapts your WordPress designs, themes, fonts, and styles.

Being highly mobile responsive gives you trouble-free integration.

Some other features of this tool are as follows:-

  • Feed caching and backup system
  • SEO friendly
  • Multiple feeds
  • Easy creation of shoppable feeds

5.   Social9

Social9 is a smart tool that helps in building your brand awareness and turning your visitors into customers by offering many features to enhance your WordPress website.

It offers a hassle-free one-time setup and also live view of the updates. The best thing is that no coding is required!

Below is the list of some of the features offered by this tool:-

  • Short URL
  • Share Analytics
  • Interactive UI Editor
  • Markdown Support

6.   Easy Social Icons

By using this tool you can upload your own social icons and even choose your social URL.

You can even select font icons from font awesome that covers the original cover for 100+ font awesome brand icons.

Some more features offered by it are as follows:-

  • Use Multiple Shortcodes
  • Works With Responsive Websites
  • Google Social Profile Link
  • Insert Social Icon Using Shortcode
  • Using Drag Drop, Sort Social Media Icons

Let’s Wind It Up!

We all are aware of social media’s supremacy. From just being a platform for people to socialize to becoming one of the favorite places for marketers to promote their products and services, social media has gone way too far.

Embedding your social media on the WordPress website works like magic in enhancing the brand promotion and increasing engagement. From bringing user attraction to overall hooting up for sales and conversions, it does it all.

This blog covered some of the best WordPress social media widget tools for your website. Hope it helps. Now use them and grow your website more beautifully.


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