Avoiding Car Sickness on Your Family’s Summer Road Trip

Car sickness is relatively common, especially among youngsters. While some parents feel it is a digestive or immune issue, immune support for kids does not provide immediate relief. Motion sickness is more related to balance and the inner ear. When you are driving, your child’s brain may receive conflicting information from the eyes, inner ear, and nervous system. Essentially, the body has a hard time balancing the idea of sitting still and moving at the same time.

Motion sickness can range from mild to severe. However, regardless of the severity, it can significantly interfere with the enjoyment of a road trip for your child and the entire family. Thankfully, there are ways to limit car sickness.

Preparing Your Child for a Long Car Ride

Wellements dietary supplements can help soothe an achy stomach or ease digestive discomfort, so you may want to check out some of their options for relief. Additionally, preparing your child for a car ride starts before the road trip. You want to ensure your little one does not eat any fatty, spicy, or greasy foods before getting in the car.

You can also prepare some ginger ale for the car ride, along with some healthy and dry snacks, such as crackers. Finally, allow your little one to ride up front if they are old enough; being able to see straight ahead can relieve motion sickness symptoms.

Packing List To Help Your Child Stay Well

While many parents remember to provide multivitamin drops for 3 year old children, it can be more challenging to remember what to pack for a child with car sickness. For many parents, the objective is packing distractions for their children so they do not become agitated or fussy during the long car ride. Unfortunately, many of the distractions a parent might bring for the typical child, such as books or movies, will not work for a child with motion sickness. The standard distractions only add to the discomfort.

When planning a trip for a child with motion sickness, there are several things a parent can pack that may help. Some of the most popular items include:

  • Bland, dry snacks
  • Ginger ale
  • Nausea reducing wristbands
  • OTC medications

Other Ways To Prevent or Help Correct Motion Sickness

Distraction is the best tool in a parent’s arsenal. Put together a playlist of songs your children love and have a sing-along. Create a conversation game. If you can keep your child talking, they will not focus on nausea.

Opening the car windows and letting fresh air in can also help relieve symptoms of car sickness. However, in the worst-case scenarios, pull over and get out of the car to stretch your legs. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is prepare for frequent stops along your route.

Are you busy planning a road trip for your family? If your child deals with frequent bouts of car sickness, talk to their doctor about potential remedies. Your child’s pediatrician will likely have the best advice to offer, which may include medication.


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