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Currently, there is no shortage of new card game genres, but why is Tien Len card game always a name that has never been forgotten? This long-standing game must have hidden interesting mysteries to make the betting community so wobbly. Please take some time with Nbet88 to find out the details through the article below!

1.What is Tien Len card game?

Referring to the national card game of Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention Tien Len. Although it has been around for a long time, up to now, this subject has not shown any signs of cooling down. The number of players accessing and experiencing daily is up to thousands of times.

Tien Len is known as a card game originating from the West. Use a traditional 52-card deck with a maximum of 4 participants. Each player is dealt 13 cards and the rest is placed in the center of the table.

To comment on the level of reward change, it is very difficult for any name to surpass Tien Len. Simple game rules, easy gameplay, common tactics will be the advantages for this game to increasingly receive the love of users. To learn more about this card game, follow the information below.

2.Choose the game Tien Len online or traditional more reasonable?

Tien Len is a game that has received a lot of support from the online and real betting community. However, to evaluate the popularity as well as the attractiveness of these two forms, it is necessary to rely on a number of specific criteria. Above all, it also depends on your preferences and desires.

Along with the development of technology, online gaming is gradually gaining the upper hand. Many betting brothers have abandoned the actual lines for the online arena. That’s why the development of Tien Len online is something that no one can deny, right?

2.1 Types of playing card game Tien Len

Tien Len card game is currently developed with many new forms. Up to now, the 4 most popular forms of Tien Len are: Tien Len in the South, Tien Len in the North, Tien Len in the Central and Tien Len in leaf counting.

Each different form will have its own interesting and attractive. Therefore, no matter where you are, you can choose the right type of fighting. Please take the time to experience all the fun in each of these forms!


2.2 How to play the card game Tien Len according to the house rules

If you still do not know how to play the card game Tien Len. The following sections will be the most useful sharing. Help you improve your chances of winning and get the most attractive bonuses!

2.3 Rules of playing card Tien Len

What makes the game attractive and interesting is the game rules. The game can turn the tide in an unexpected and spectacular way. Details of the rules of the game are summarized below:

Similar to other card game genres, Tien Len card game uses a traditional 52-card deck. This is probably a deck that is no longer too familiar to everyone. Understanding and remembering the details, order, and quality of cards, just based on this, players can confidently enter the game.

Most playing Tien Len online is best suited for a table of 4 people. Multiple betting tables with a minimum of 2 can also be entered. So just enough 2 to 3 or 4 fellow subjects can completely start an interesting game, right!

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2.4 The order of the song Advance

The order of cards of Tien Len online card game will be somewhat different from other games. With some card games will choose A as the largest card. But in Tien Len, the card with the largest value is 2. And the card with the smallest value is 3.

2.5 How to arrange cards

The arrangement of the cards also needs to be based on the player’s card tricks. Therefore, you should change constantly to not give the opponent the opportunity to seize and defeat quickly. Usually the cards will be arranged in order from smallest to largest. In addition, you can choose to have the least garbage card, the more effective it will be.

The second is that the card cannot be last played and has no effect if placed in a deck of 2, 3, 4.

Eating white is the case where the deck has a full set of 1 string from 3 to A, 5 pairs of pine, quarter 2, 4 snu or 6 pairs.

2.6 Evolution of a specific game

The progress of a game of Tien Len will take place as soon as everyone has completed the betting procedures. The owner of the room will have the opportunity to play the first card. Then proceed to the next player if there is a blocking card. Keep going clockwise like that until you find the person who runs out of cards the earliest. It’s simple and easy, isn’t it?


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