8 Things Customers Expect from Professional IT Services

Professional IT services are becoming more and more popular all the time. This is most likely because the historical tendency for IT support to be inconsistent; it is hard to deny that the most common perception of IT support is that they are not quite as helpful as the people experience IT problems wish they would be. But, professional IT services are changing that perception. We were able to speak with a provider based in London, TechQuarters, about what makes it different, and what customers can expect from this type of service.

What Are Professional IT Services?

There is no single or simple answer to this question. Since IT and technology as a whole has become so crucial to modern business, it means there is a diverse range of services that are available for organisations. For instance, you have outsourced IT support that focuses only on ensuring that an organisation’s IT remains functional. Then you have managed IT services, which is where a provider takes responsibility for nearly all technology decisions for their client; for example, the managed IT services London based providers like TechQuarters specialise in include IT support as well as services like managed security, backup services, and IT procurement.

What Do Customers Expect from Professional IT Services?

Just because IT management has become a necessity for modern businesses that want to be successful, that doesn’t mean that it is different to any other kind of paid-for service. TechQuarters were able to confirm with us that there are common expectations from customers in the field of professional IT services. Below are eight common qualities that the best providers have….

  • Understanding Their Needs

The most frustrating thing for any type of paid-for service to do is fail to deliver against the customer / client’s expectations. In other words, a service provider needs to understand precisely what their clients want and need; this means that one-size-fits-all solutions are a no-go.

  • Flexible, Attentive Communication

There are a diverse range of accepted communications channels in business these days – it’s not just email and telephone. A good IT service provider will be available on whichever channel(s) their clients prefer. Furthermore, it shouldn’t always be the client contacting the provider; the provider should be checking it with their clients, arranging business reviews, etc.

  • Fast Response Times

The absolute last thing an individual or organisation looking for support from a service provider wants is to be waiting around, most likely at a loose end because their work is being inhibited by the issue they’re seeking support on. This is why it’s very important that a service provider has competitive response times.

  • A Personalised Experience

Like we mentioned earlier, a one-size-fits-all solution simply won’t suffice when customers are paying for a service that is meant to make their work easier. The best IT service providers have a diverse array of plans, services and optional extras to ensure that every client gets exactly what they need. For instance, TechQuarters assigns one of their account managers to each of their clients, to ensure they’re getting that personalised experience.

  • Commitment to Resolutions

Customers hate having to repeat themselves, but with lower-quality IT services, this often happens. If a case isn’t managed properly, it may take much longer that it should to find resolutions to problems. This is why a good provider is committed to managing cases efficiently, so that their client’s problems are not drawn out.

  • Proactive Resolutions

This is one of the biggest trends in modern IT services. There was a time when most people expected IT professionals to sit around waiting for calls – but not anymore. For instance, when TechQuarters provides IT support for estate agents, they make sure to uphold proactive communications with the client, as well as implementing monitoring to ensure that they detect issues as quickly as possible. It’s that proactive approach that makes a service provider great.


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