3 Steps Withdrawal InstructionsCorona888 Quick and Easy

Corona888 Always rated as one of the most popular bookmakers on the market. In the prestigious rankings by newspapers and major betting communities, this brand always excellently won the top positions. Today, let’s learn about how withdraw money Corona888 how.

 withdraw money Corona888 What methods are supported?

Because it is still in the process of development and improvement, this brand is not very diverse in terms of withdrawal methods. However, with the current needs of users, we think the following methods are more than enough:

  • Bank transfer: This is the most popular and convenient method today if you want  withdraw money Corona888. A small note when withdrawing money with this method, you need to own the registered name that matches the name declared with the house.
  • Via e-wallets: This is the newly developed method of this game portal. You can use some of the most popular e-wallets on the market today such as Momo, Zalo Pay, VNPay,…

 withdraw money Corona888 What methods are supported?

In the near future, this playground will add a number of withdrawal methods such as phone scratch cards, ATM cards to make it more convenient for players.

3 steps  withdraw money Corona888 about the easiest account

If you still do not know how to withdraw money to your account, here are the most detailed and easy to understand instructions. Withdrawal process ofCorona888 is considered to be extremely fast and simple in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Visit the homepage and choose to withdraw

First, you need to visit the official homepage ofCorona888. Currently, on the market, there are many fake branded websites aiming to defraud the player’s property and smear the name of the game portal. So please visit our homepage correctly. Then select item rút tiền corona888 in the top corner of the screen.

Step 2: Choose a method and fill in your personal information

Once you have selected your withdrawal, a form will appear on your screen. Here, you need to choose which withdrawal method you feel is most convenient:

  • For withdrawing money to a bank account: Here, you need to fill in the necessary information such as your bank account name, the bank to use, the amount you want to withdraw and the authentication password to withdraw money Corona888.
  • Withdraw money to e-wallets: This method is also very simple, players only need to enter the phone number associated with the e-wallet account and the type of wallet that people want to withdraw money to. Then enter the amount you want to withdraw and you’re done, it’s that simple, isn’t it?

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3 steps to  withdraw money Corona888 about the easiest account

Step 3: Proceed to withdraw money

After filling in the required information and clicking the withdraw button, your withdrawal request will be confirmed in a few tens of seconds. After about 3-5 minutes after the request is confirmed, this brand will proceed to transfer money to your bank account or e-wallet depending on your request.

What to keep in mind when withdrawing money?Corona888?

Many players wonder why they didn’t withdraw their money or the request failed. Here are some notes to help you withdraw 100% successfully.

Withdrawal request must be filled in correctly

Before you send a withdrawal order, you need to carefully check the information you provide corona888 correct or not. Avoid the case of mistakes that cause the money to be transferred to someone else’s account.

Besides, withdraw money Corona888 The player’s withdrawal information must be the owner. That is, the banking information and the login information you provide for the brand must match. This is extremely important, so you need to pay attention to avoid the case of winning the bet but not being able to withdraw money because of incorrect information.

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What to keep in mind when withdrawing money?Corona888?

Limit small withdrawals

With every day, this game portal will allow players to withdraw 5 times for free. From the 6th time onwards, each transaction will be charged a service fee of 5% and 10% from the 8th withdrawal. Therefore, you should limit the withdrawal of sporadic amounts, but should withdraw a large deposit. . Avoid wasted free withdrawals and service fees.

You also need to ensure a minimum withdrawal amount each time at this playground. withdraw money Corona888 The minimum requirement for each transaction is 200 thousand VND or more and the maximum can be withdrawn is 500 million VND.

Contact support if there is a problem

In addition, if you have fully checked the withdrawal information and the transaction is still not successful, please contact our customer service department. Corona888. With a team of carefully selected and professionally trained staff working 24/7, all your questions will be answered in minutes.

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Contact support if there is a problem with withdrawalCorona888


Through our above article, we hope you know how withdraw money Corona888. Hope you guys will have great experiences at this playground and win great rewards for yourself.


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