3 Hard-Losing Sic Bo Tips You Should Know

Poker is a very popular entertainment game in traditional casinos. Today, it has appeared on most online bookies and has simple rules that anyone can play from the first try. Therefore, if you are looking to experience this game, then follow the article of 789Bet to understand the rules of the game!

1. What’s attractive about the game of fainting?

Sic Bo or Sic Bo is a red and black game that originated in China and has spread to many large and small casinos around the world. In general, the rules of the game of poker are very simple and easy to memorize. The set of tools to perform includes 3 dice, a box and a betting table.

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The dealer’s representative will roll three dice and wait for the player to think and choose one or more doors to enter money in a certain time. After the player completes the bet, the dealer will announce the number of points on the face of the three dice immediately. If it matches your prediction, you win and vice versa. The door with a low probability of winning has a very large payout ratio.

Details of the most popular gambling rules

2.Betting doors need to know when playing over and under

As you can see, the rules of the game of over and under is very simple, so you need to know some basic bet types below:

2.1 Over and under bets

New players will be familiar with this type of bet because it has a fairly basic gameplay and is easy to win. When the game takes place, the player’s task is to choose the over or under. You think the big door will come out when the scores of the three dice are between 11 and 17, and the underside will come out when the points of all three are between 4 and 10. If winning the payout ratio that the player gets will be 1:1.

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2.2 Playing over and under with triple bets

Triple bet means that the over and under player predicts the total number of dots on the face of 3 dice to be the same. This is said to be a tough bet to win but has a huge payout of 1:30. You will predict certain triples for example, all three are 4 points and if you get it right, you will get a bonus of 1:180.

2.3 Pair bets in over and under

This is similar to the triple bet but is a bit simpler when you predict the face of two dice will be the same. In the rules of over and under, betting on any pair will pay out at 1:11, while betting on specific pairs will pay out at 1:20. If the triple is the same on the face of the dice, then both bettors lose.

2.4 Over and under bets by total

Heading means you have to predict the total number of points on the three dice. The house will determine that you choose a number between 4 and 17. The payout ratio will also vary according to each specific number. The payout ratio is only high with numbers that are hard to come by.

2.5Play number bet

You will choose and predict any number that will return in the final result. For example, if the surface of the three dice contains 1 point where you bet money, you win. Besides, the frequency of numbers appearing in the results will determine the payout ratio of this bet type. If it appears on 1 tablet, then eat at the ratio of 1:1, if it appears on 2 tablets, eat according to 1:2 and 3 will be 1:3.

3 Hard Losing Sic Bo Tips You Should Know1

Basic bets in an over and under game

3. The secret to playing hard to lose for beginners

In addition to mastering the rules of the game, you need to apply some more tips to prevent losses such as:

3.1 Play quickly in the game of fainting

Over and under bets are very suitable for quick play. The player’s task is to simply place a quick bet on the over or under. In this way, the possibility of risk is extremely low, but if you win, you will earn a lot of profit. You will hit 1 hand until you win and return from the original bet. The bet for the next game must be double or n times the previous game.

3.2 Follow the rules of the betting door

Another secret is that you should watch the frequency of bets. You should bet on the doors that are likely to appear continuously by observing and calculating which tiles come out the most times. Then choose that door in the next game.

3.3 Play with lucky people

Choosing to bet on lucky people is an effective way to fight when you are on a losing streak. This means that you are “eating away” the red fortune of others. In fact, many players have changed their luck by applying this tip at the right time.

3 Hard Losing Sic Bo Tips You Should Know2

Prestigious tips from masters

The above article of 789Bet has answered the rules of over and over and popular bets. If you want to win less and lose more, you should apply two or more tips. Besides, take the time to learn how to calculate over and under to increase the odds of winning.


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