Top 3 Jackpot Slots

When slots were first introduced, prizes were in the form of flavoured gum. The first fruit slots are used to dispense fruity gum instead of coins, and the most you could hope for is landing your favourite flavour. However, things have changed over time, with top slot payouts reaching up to eight-figure sums.

Jackpot slots are not a new thing that you can play on Wizard Slots. Slots will display a fixed amount, and players spin the reels in the hope of winning it.

On the other hand, there are progressive jackpots that are a bit different from fixed banks. The jackpot amount continues to grow in the latter until it’s won. Progressive jackpots increase because a percentage of every single bet is added to the pool.

Progressive jackpots are common in online casinos because the internet connects many players to a jackpot network. Mobile betting also contributes to the rise of the pot.

Fancy playing a jackpot slot that can potentially change your life? Below are the top jackpot slots.

1. Mega Moolah

The Mega Moolah progressive slot is one of the most played slots online. The slot has created more millionaires and paid more winnings than any other jackpot slot.

The slot by Microgaming is quite simple and features a 5×3 grid and 25 pay lines. It has four-level jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega. The bonus round in this slot can be triggered randomly at any point of the game. When the bonus round is activated, you spin the prize wheel and win what it stops at.

Mega Moolah holds the record for the most significant online slot win. So far, the game has paid over € 1 billion in winnings.

2. Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights is a progressive slot by NetEnt, which has paid out millions of euros since its launch. You must place a minimum wager of € 5 per spin to win the jackpot. This is quite a high amount, so the slot is placed in the premium category. But the rewards are pretty hefty. Some record wins are the €4.8 million in 2010 and the €1.9 million jackpot in 2011.

Arabian Nights slot has a low to medium variance slot with three rows, five reels and ten paylines. The game has a lamp symbol leading to fifteen free spins and a 3x multiplier. While Arabian Nights is a little old-fashioned, it has a high potential, with only five genie symbols triggering a jackpot.

3. Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt features a 5×3 setup with 25 pay lines. Wagers can start from as little as €0.25 to € 50 per spin. To trigger the jackpot, you must land three bonus symbols on reels one to three. The jackpot round unlocks often and directs you to a screen with a tiered jackpot wheel. Every time you get closer to the centre of the wheel, the jackpot amount increases. The largest jackpot recorded from Mega Fortune stands at €17,861,800.

While the list of jackpot slots is extensive, only a few are worth your time. Register with a reputable casino and enjoy any of the slots mentioned here.


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