The History of Slots

As technology progressed, slot machines could be played online and on mobile devices for real money. You’ll understand how the world’s most popular mega reel no deposit casino game became what it is today and how far it has come in its long and complicated history. 

Liberty Bell: The Beginning

The Liberty Bell, by Charles Fey, is widely regarded as the first modern slot machine. Back then, slot machines often had what we now consider the “classic” three-reel configuration. The winning combination was neither a fruit nor a “7,” but rather a suit symbol (heart, spade, etc.) plus a picture of the Liberty Bell. The maximum payout was only 50 cents or 10 nickels back then. 

Operator Bell: Rising Fame of Slot Machines

Fey refused to sell the rights to the slot machines to other manufacturers despite his inability to meet the demand. Herbert Mills, a man well-versed in arcade games, began work on his own version of a slot machine in the early 1900s. It was called the Operator Bell. 

There was a time in history when giving cash awards was illegal. Gum and candy were given out to slot players in place of cash during that time. 

Money Honey: Begin of Electronic Slot Machines Era

Paces Races, a mechanical horse racing game with animated graphics and electric sound, was a forerunner to modern slot machines. Coins were dispensed mechanically when metal hoops were spun using a lever, as electronic slot machines had not been invented then. In 1934, and 30 years later, Nevada Electronic made a fully electronic “21” machine. 

Money Honey, another slot machine by Bally, debuted in 1964 and had electrically powered reels. The creator preserved the lever so the new button placement wouldn’t completely throw users off. Automatically awarding the maximum payoff of 500 coins, it quickly gained popularity. In 1975, after several years of developing electronic versions of table games, the Fortune Coin Company released the first-ever slot machine. 

In 1978, IGT purchased Fortune Coin and had since become one of several reputable suppliers of online slot games. Their slot machines kept the lever and used Sony TVs to display the reels. 

Multi-screen slots

These fully electronic slot machines were not known as video slots when first introduced. When seen on television screens, they immediately create a sensation. Things progressed further in the 1990s. Electronic slot machines got two screens in 1994 in Australia and 1996 in the US for bonus rounds. Bonus rounds are becoming a major factor when choosing online slots. 

Future of Online Video Slots

You could play online casino games designed in Flash and HTML5 on mobile devices and PCs. Thousands of online slots are accessible, and new games are released weekly. Players only require internet access to play these slots. 

The gambling industry is beginning to take notice of virtual reality as a potential future technology. While this happens, brand-new games are available, and older ones are well worth playing again for enjoyment with the protein realm. You can expect anything from rich and inventive firms that go the additional mile.


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