Kalimullah Khan – top scorer of Pakistan Championship in 2012/2013

Many teams in the Pakistani championship practice high-scoring soccer. That’s why the struggle for the title of the best scorer of the tournament is very intense. By the way, at https://www.1xBet.pk/ you can follow all the matches from the world of this tournament and place bets on them.

In the 2012/2013 season, the scoring race in the championship of Pakistan was won by Kalimullah Khan. The forward had 23 accurate shots under his belt. Hardly anyone could have called him the scoring favorite before the campaign began. However, the lack of extra psychological pressure allowed the player to show his best qualities and surpass his competitors.

Now it is easy to watch on 1xBet the oppositions with “KRL”, where the footballer played at the time. By the way, thanks to the forward’s performance in that campaign, the team eventually won the coveted champion title.

Kalimullah Khan himself had a brilliant campaign. He easily hit the gates of both outsiders and the tournament’s main favorites. The forward believed in himself, and it helped him get results. It is easy to follow the actual matches of his team in a reliable office. Here at 1xBet.pk/casino/  you can quickly find gambling entertainment. Their number is rapidly increasing.

Then the player had the best season of his career. He was unstoppable and also felt the confidence of his partners and coaching staff. That gave Khan the confidence he needed. As a result, his performance was all over the place.

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What are the strengths of this forward?

Kalimullah Khan didn’t win the scoring race by accident at all. The player was always aimed at the opponents’ goal. He regularly looked for chances to score. By the way, now live sports betting on 1xBet.pk/live/ is an opportunity not only to follow the matches of “KRL”, where the forward played then, but also to convert your knowledge into new wins.

If we talk about the strengths of this forward, they include:

  1. Excellent starting speed. It was not difficult for him to get away from the guardianship of almost any defender.
  2. The skill to take the right position, to make a breakthrough at the right time. It also allowed him to bypass defenders.
  3. An excellent shot. Thanks to it, the forward could score from almost any position.

In general, that season was the best of the forward’s career. And if you want to continue to follow the matches of “KRL”, where his star lit up, then go on 1xBet. Here, live sports betting will become a reality for you from the first day after opening your profile. Make predictions, and the profits will not be long in coming.


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