Hungary 10-1 El Salvador

The great 1982 FIFA World Cup had quite a few matches that are worth remembering. The website can always be visited in order to wager on matches of the FIFA World Cup and other major competitions.

This championship also had one of the matches with the largest scores ever seen. It was played on the 15th of June 1982 between Hungary and El Salvador. The 1xBet platform has all kinds of wagers on these and many other national football teams from all over the world.

A team with a lot of problems

Hungary didn’t have major problems prior to the tournament. They sent a squad of 22 players, as almost all other teams in the tournament did. If you want to make a live wager on the FIFA World Cup visit – live sports betting is available for plenty of football competitions.

However, the story for the team from El Salvador was quite different. The nation was having lots of internal problems that were completely unrelated to football. Yet, these issues inevitably had an effect on the national team and on the performances that it could give during the tournament. The live sports betting options present on 1xBet can be used for wagering on the team from El Salvador as well.

In fact, due to economic problems that also had an impact on the football federation of the country, El Salvador only sent 20 players instead of the 22 allowed. Also, their preparation for the championship was seriously lacking compared to what other teams did prior to the start of the tournament.

The match itself

By this moment the Golden Team from Hungary was a distant memory. However, the Europeans still didn’t have major problems in defeating El Salvador for a staggering score of 10-1. Before other highly scoring matches of this kind take place, take a look at the games available at the website.

The goals of the Hungarian team were scored by

  • Tibor Nyilasi;
  • Gábor Pölöskei;
  • László Fazekas;
  • József Tóth;
  • László Kiss;
  • and Lázár Szentes.

The only goal from the Salvadorian team was scored by Luis Ramírez Zapata in the middle of the second half. There was an interesting record that took place in this match. Specifically, Hungarian striker László Kiss entered in the 55th minute. Between the 69th and the 76th minute he scored an impressive hat-trick.

Because of this, he actually broke two records. First, he was the first substitute to score a hat-trick in the history of the FIFA World Cup. And second, he scored the fastest hat-trick ever in the course of the tournament’s history, as he only needed a period of 7 minutes to do his wonder. The 1xBet platform can also be used to wager on players who are likely to score a hat-trick during a football match.


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