Cannabis tampons for menstrual cramps really exist

Weed Tampons. They really exist and it’s not an April 1st joke or advertising stunt. Just order them online from the US, Great Britain or, say, China.  The most important question that immediately burns on our (ashamed) lips: does it get you high?

Let’s get you some new tampons

No, is the answer. So it is not a case of “soak your tampon with vodka to get drunk fast. The active ingredient in the cannabis tampon is CBD, and that doesn’t get you high at all. CBD stands for cannabidiol, an all vegetable and natural product that comes from the leaves and flower tops of the hemp plant. CBD is said to be pain relieving.

Manufacturers, users and and also the U.S. CBD & Cannabinoid Industry Association (CBDIA) are generally enthusiastic about the effect of the cannabis tampon. For menstrual cramps, it’s a matter of using a tampon with CBD in it and after twenty minutes you’ll be pain free.

You may be thinking now: fine, just give me one of those cannabis tampons. But alas. This product is not available in every country yet. Michel Bogert is a connoisseur of cannabis products and he too does not have these tampons – with just that little extra – on his shelves. “They are not available in Europe,” he knows.

Missed opportunity, or not? “I think the cannabis tampon could definitely catch on in Europe. It’s probably a matter of time before we start selling them here.”

Daye, a company from Great Britain, has already jumped into the “gap in the European market” by selling their cannabis tampons. They do supply their cramp soothing tampons, or cramp relieving tampons, in many countries around Europe. It even comes in super nice packaging. Think pastel-colored retro print. You would immediately order a box of them.

CBD in your vagina

By the way, it’s not at all weird to put CBD on or in your vagina. There is a whole women’s line of CBD lubricants, CBD vaginal ointments and more. Bogert also hears very positive stories about its effects from people around him.

“CBD works both internally and externally. People swallow CBD oil and smear the ointment on everything. Therefore, I really believe that when you insert the tampon into the vagina that’s where the CBD is delivered locally and thus works well.”

Paul Elzerman, owner of a seed bank, knows from experience that internal CBD products do their job. “Even though I sell and use CBD suppositories, I don’t sell the cannabis tampon. I swear by that with my intestinal condition. Nothing helps better. I use the suppositories internally as pain relief and it’s anti-inflammatory effect.”

For those die hards who want more than a CBD suppository, there is a stronger version as well that contains THC. That one is only available in the US There, the active ingredient THC (which gets you high) is legal in some states.

This is not the case yet in every European country. Those THC-tampons-combined-with-CBD will not be available in our shops any time soon. Those who do not (yet) dare to use the cannabis tampon will have to deal with their menstrual cramps with a hot water bottle and some paracetamol.

Let’s stick to smoking cannabis for now

We, like many people, like to stick to what we know and wait until we get to learn about other people’s experiences before we try something new. And that’s what we like to do with these tampons. What we do know and like, however, is smoking weed. And we also like to grow it ourselves.

If you are looking to grow cannabis too, then you might want to start out with a strain that’s fairly easy to grow. We can suggest several options, but would like to emphasize the benefits of the California Orange strain. Not only does it generate an uplifting high, it also grows very tall with an impressive yield. That means that you’ll have more to smoke or vape after growing your own seedlings.


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