Why Pandora Jewelry Is So Popular

How did pandora become so popular among jewelry lovers all around the world? It is now second only to Tiffany.  It has a loyal fan following throughout the globe. It is the high-quality and ever-evolving styles that keep the users clinging to Pandora for life. Whether you want to buy your first piece or you want another one to add to your collection, Pandora provides you with complete satisfaction and perfect style every time.

How Pandora Grew To Become The Second Most Popular Jewelry Store

Pandora started its journey by Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen as an independent jewelry store. It introduced its signature charm bracelets in 2000. That is when Pandora got the hype. In 2003 pandora entered the global market. Now they have stores on six continents. over 100 stores of Pandora are present all around the world.  Pandora offers affordable yet high-quality jewelry. Their price range starts from 22$.

Best Brand Marketing Strategy

During the 2014 holiday season, Pandora was among the top searched products on google. When you dig deep into Pandora, you will find an outstanding marketing strategy that Pandora follows. You will find very affordable prices for simple bangles and the most famous sterling silver bracelet. Bracelets are just simple rings that need to be filled. This is where the charm adds the magic.

The secret to Pandora’s popularity is their charm bracelets. The way Pandora has marketed their charm bracelets is truly fascinating. Pandora marketed their charm bracelets with emotional attachments. these bracelets act as emotional tokens. You can freeze your memories in them or show your milestones of life or your general well-being.


It is the versatility of this brand that keeps up its reputation as the second most famous jewelry brand in the world. Pandora caters to women of every age. Whether you are a high schooler, housewife, or working lady. You can customize your jewelry in your style.

Pandora makes a special jewelry collection for upcoming events and occasions. This makes its customers visit the store to find new charms to add to their collection, for example, Pandora stores at cruise have special cruise charms to take as a memorial of your trip.

Unique And Signature Designs

Pandora has their signature style that makes it unique and different from other jewelry stores. Their link chain necklace is excellent if you like layered styles to add chunkiness to your look.

Pandora designs theme-based jewelry. Whatever theme you decide, you can make jewelry of it to express your ever-evolving style. They have a star wars collection if you are a star wars fan.

Pandora jewelry is an excellent gift idea. You can pick personalized charms according to the person to whom you want to present them.


Pandora enjoys immense popularity among jewelry lovers. This brand is so popular that it made headlines all around the world. When you look closely, their fascinating marketing strategy gets most of the credit. Moreover, Pandora’s signature charm bracelets keep it ever evolving and interesting jewelry store.


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