Why lifestyle medicine is essential for sustainable health?

In today’s world, Lifestyle is an important determinant of the health condition of people. A high percentage of medical appointments in primary and specialized health care is because of lifestyle-related diseases. The majority of practice guides lifestyle changes to be the primary line of care. Therefore, lifestyle medicine prescriptions are highly relevant to the current therapeutic management of diseases, particularly chronic diseases. The introduction of ‘lifestyle medicine’ is intended to resolve current shortcomings and ensure continuity between preventive medicine and current patient-centered clinical practice. It treats the underlying cause of the disease rather than its symptoms which are often dealt with increasing quantities of pills and procedures.

Major focuses of lifestyle medicine:


Nutrition is a key factor in lifestyle and practices which affects almost all chronic diseases. It plays an important role in preventing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer and many other diseases. Lifestyle medicine recommends dietary patterns rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains especially rich in fiber, non-fat dairy products, seafood and nuts. This will help people to maintain a healthy body and act as a preventive method for major diseases. Lifestyle medicine prescriptions are also consistent in diets with less red and processed meat, refined grains, sugary foods and saturated fats.


Doing Exercise regularly is the best way to maintain our body fitness. Lifestyle medicine supports the physical activity of 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise and two days of physical training every week. The increasing non-exercise activity also helps to maintain physical fitness like Instead of running 150 minutes in a week, you can try to take the stairs or upstairs and move every 30-60 minutes. 


Sleep is a fundamental part of our daily routine, emphasizing its essential role in our capacity to function. Having at least 7 hours of sleep per day is essential. Sleep health has always been dealt with only in the context of specific disorders; adequate sleep is considered a core lifestyle medicine. Lack of sleep will increase the risk of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Stress Management:

Stress is how the body reacts to a situation, from simple daily responsibilities to major challenges that may arise suddenly. Stress may cause Headaches, fatigue, loss of concentration and numerous other health problems. Lifestyle medicine promotes stress management and finding a way to minimize your stress is essential. Identifying the source of your stress and Understanding how stress influences your physical, mental and emotional functions is an effective way to manage it.

Risky substances:

Consumption of Tobacco and alcohol will negatively affect your mood and overall health. It gives instant pleasure but will lead to deadly diseases such as cancer, heart diseases stroke, etc. By following Lifestyle medicine prescriptions you can control these dangerous habits and lead a healthy life.

Social Relationships:

Strong social relationships can range from preventing chronic disease to increasing longevity. Social relationships can help to maintain a healthy body, manage blood glucose levels, reduce depressive symptoms and improve mental health. Stress is related to a great concentration of self and it causes a lower sense of connection. Lifestyle medicine encourages healthy behavior and recommends methods to maintain a strong social support network.

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