How virtual event platform help in boosting the participation factor?

In this digital world, where everyone is working from different areas, a virtual event platform helps you to connect with others. A virtual event platform is software which allows you to have an interactive events like conferences, workshops etc with the help of the internet. With the comfort of your place, you can connect with anyone around the globe. This has helped many businesses to expand their network and grow. This acts as an online destination for a virtual or hybrid event.

There are many best virtual event platform where you can host events. You can also connect with the audience where can gather them in one place virtually. This way every participant can participate as well making the event more engaging. While selecting the virtual event platform, make sure to look for all the necessary features like multiple virtual spaces or rooms, tools for audience interaction like video Q&A, video networking, direct messaging, polls and surveys and events and session chat etc. Know that with the help of a virtual event platform, you can host multiple in-person gatherings online. The event manager will sell the tickets or passes, plan multiple sessions in different rooms etc with thousands of people at a single time. Just make sure to look for the right features which will make the job easy.

Following are some points highlighting how virtual event platform helps in boosting participation:

  • Host multiple kinds of content- Know that the virtual event platform will provide you access to more than one virtual room. This will give your audience to select the choice to attend a session or workshop. This will induce the audience to make a choice for themselves and will boost a sense of participation among them. This will allow the audience to better engage with the sessions and workshop as it will be as per their interest.
  • Facilitate networking- Audiences attend these industry events to learn from recognized professionals, promote their companies, build networks etc. They try to expand their network by coming in direct contact with professionals which will help them to grow in their careers.
  • Engage audience- The virtual event platform will induce the audience to participate in the discussions. This will encourage the audience to participate in the future virtual event program and will convince their friends and family too. This platform boosts participation because of video questions and answers, video networking, audience polls and surveys, public and private chats, collaborative whiteboarding, and much more.
  • Customized- The virtual event platform can be customized as per the majority of the audience. You can add the brand’s logo and images, symbols, fonts with custom colors and much more. With customization, the brands will be able to differentiate from others.

So above are some of the points highlighting how virtual event platforms help in boosting participation. If you are looking for the right one, follow the followed mentioned steps:

  • Look for the features- Make sure to look for the features like registration and ticketing, brand customization, engagement tools like video Q&A, polls, Gamification, feedback box and much more, function customization, accessibility, event analytics, integration, multi-channel streaming, multi-track sessions, hybrid option etc.
  • Understand your needs- It is very much important for the host to understand that the right virtual event platform will help the audience with live content and communication to build networks. Different tools will help the audience to participate and engage with the professionals and this will make the session more interesting and fun. The best one will help with engagement through Gamification, interactive elements, integrations, etc.
  • Scalability- You need not worry about the no of audience you are going to have as the best virtual event platform can easily hold a large number of audience, maybe 100 to 1,00,000. Also, while choosing ask yourself a question like can the platform support multi-speaker sessions or not.
  • Customization- It is important that the virtual event platform can be customized as per your needs and requirements. You should be able to customize the virtual spaces like reception, stage and lounges, schedules meetings and calendar, landing pages, number of booths, number of rooms, ticketing/registrations, themes, event figures etc. The customization will help in changing the life experience of the attendees.

So above are some of the points one should look for while choosing a virtual event platform. If you are looking for one, you can contact ‘Airmeet’. They will help you with organizing trade shows, webinars, product launch, town halls, award ceremonies, conferences, meet-ups and workshops. They will help you to create and host engaging events making sure to attract the attendees which will help your business to grow. It will surely help you with quality leads, a short sales cycle, and greater brand reach and will retain the customers’ lifetime.

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