Antarctic Token – Working to Protect The Environment

Blockchain technology like the Antarctic Token AAL makes it possible to develop environmentally friendly, sustainable practices. Although they sometimes seem less energy efficient, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are revolutionary technologies that are growing in popularity.

According to the ALO Global Project of the Antarctic Foundation, these new technologies present a promising substitute for conventional tools for increasing awareness and funding initiatives that can produce beneficial outcomes in the medium and long terms. The key to success for the Antarctic Foundation will also involve diversifying goals and strategies in order to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities provided by the various environmentally related markets.

Sustainable Projects and Antarctic token 

The global market for green and sustainable projects has a lot of potential in this new “green” era. This is the setting in which Antarctic token , through a system of partnerships, participations, and funding, supports pre-start-ups and entrepreneurial initiatives with compelling and viable innovations. With this assistance, the chosen projects can transition from conceptual business plans to actualized business realities with the introduction of the goods or services to the market. The truth is that a lot of initiatives, research, and inventions never make it past the concept stage to the presentation and start-up structuring. The Foundation wants to address this issue precisely for that reason. Developing the idea, conducting preliminary research, developing a solid business plan, and establishing an appropriate legal structure are all steps before reaching the start-up phase. For thousands of young people with brilliant ideas, this is often an insurmountable obstacle.

Antarctic token (AAL) Antarctic Foundation 

The project will focus on, but not be limited to, ideas, projects, studies, research, inventions, and patents in the following fields: . 

  • Water resource management
  • Efforts to reduce environmental impact.
  • Energy efficiency
  • Ecological agriculture
  • Clean energy generation
  • Conservation and maintenance of the environment 
  • Waste handling for recycling 
  • Conception, design, and study of new materials for construction in extreme climates 

Distribution of the Antarctic token

Several steps will be taken in the distribution of the AAL token: 

  • Token creation and development on the Binance Smart Chain 
  • Airdrop: 1 month in length 
  • Pre-sale (sale limited to significant investors)
  • 1 AAL must be purchased for 0.05 USDT; 5,000 USDT must be spent as a minimum
  • The pre-sale will last for 4 months
  • Sales Round (there are two public sales)

Sales rounds last for a total of 4 months and include the following: 

  • Sale round 1: purchase of 1 AAL at a price of 0.07 USDT (30% discount)
  • Sale round 2: purchase of 1 AAL at a price of 0.085 USDT (15% discount) 
  • At the conclusion of the Airdrop, sales round 1 will start, and after 60 days, sales round 2 will begin. 
  • AAL tokens belonging to the Team and Founders will have an 18-month lock-in, while those belonging to Advisors and Attorneys will have a 6-month lock-in.
  • These tokens will initially be issued as Shield 6 (SC6) and Shield 18 (SC18), and upon contract and block expiration date will be converted to AA

Antarctic Foundation Projects 

  • Save Antarctica research projects 
  • Study and development of housing systems in Antarctica
  • Advice and funding of green pre-startups 
  • Citizenship of the ALO Member States


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